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What is Chordify?

Chordify is an online music-education service created for and by music fans that converts music from YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, and your own library into chords. Our programme detects chords from an audio stream and aligns them with the music in a user-friendly player. Chordify employs cutting-edge technology to assist both beginner and experienced musicians in playing the music they want.

> Chordify’s underlying technology

What is Chordify and how does it work?

Despite the fact that Chordify is based on sophisticated technology, we’ve done our best to maintain the simplicity and usefulness of our website and Android and iOS apps since their debut. Chord recognition and beat tracking may be broken down into two processes: we need to know the chords of a song and we want to know where the chords are on the beat of the song. So, how does it function in practise?

Spectrograms and waveforms

We begin with the audio of a song, which is a digital waveform that represents changes in air pressure over time that we, as humans, experience as sound. Directly seeing any relevant information about chords or beats in a song’s waveform is almost difficult. As a result, we transform the audio to a spectrogram, which provides some insight into its musical content. A spectrogram is a time-frequency representation that already helps us understand the musical content of a piece of audio.

Deep neural networks (DNNs) are a kind of

Even with this representation, chord identification and beat tracking remain difficult jobs. Deep neural networks are used to solve them. A deep neural network may be compared to a robot that has been programmed to do a certain input-output task. You may ‘feed’ it a spectrogram and ask it to return chords, or you can ‘give’ it a spectrogram and ask it to return beat locations. Initially, the robot has no idea how to identify a chord or detect a rhythm, so it just produces random outputs.

Hundreds of thousands of songs

Instead, you begin training the robot by exposing it to a large number of spectrograms of songs as well as the chord labels you want it to identify. You can, of course, do the same with beats. The robot will ultimately learn how to identify a chord or detect a rhythm in this manner, allowing it to go from input to output. After we’ve shown the robot enough samples (thousands and thousands of songs), it’ll be able to do its job on music it’s never heard before, and we’ll post it on our website and app to show off its newfound abilities to all of you!

Free Chordify premium account login & password October 2023

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