With BayStream, The Pirate Bay imagines itself as “Pirate Netflix”

An option appears on the BitTorrent link site “Pirate Bay”: this allows you to illegally stream videos. In this way, Pirate Bay became a kind of “Pirate Netflix”.

The bad news for copyright owners: The Pirate Bay seems determined to make it easier to watch pirated works due to the addition of the option to watch movies or TV shows through streaming. Indeed, our colleagues at the Torrentfreak website noticed on December 9 that a “play” button appeared next to some pirated content.
Specifically, users simply click on it to launch the video of their choice. Then play it in a web browser like a video on Netflix or YouTube. This new viewing mode redirects users to a dedicated site called BayStream, a name reminiscent of The Pirate Bay, and also sees BayFiles (a type of MegaUpload bis) and BayIMG (an image host).
“Videos are converted and streamed in the browser. Okay, aren’t we? We are not limited to videos, so you can share all types of files!”, Can we read on BayStream? The website added that it can manage files up to 20 GB and also provides a notification form for rights holders to use when they discover that their intellectual property has been violated.

Streaming as an alternative to P2P

Pirate Bay BayStream

Basically, Pirate Bay is not a classic streaming site like Netflix Premium or MyCanal. He will not host these videos on dedicated servers throughout the territory to keep them as close as possible to his community. Pirate Bay is a linked site that does not host the content it provides, but instead connects people to each other using the BitTorrent protocol.
In short, Internet users are both broadcasters and receivers. They use special software to retrieve video clips and, once downloaded, share what they get, increasing file usability. The more participants, the faster the video can be retrieved because the BitTorrent protocol chooses the fastest available ending in the video.
The service quality is particularly good, and it can easily solve the services that the traditional SVOD platform can provide. For example, if it’s a copy of Frozen, you can access any part of the movie without taking a long time to load, and you can get high-resolution images instantly. Based on our findings, there are no systematically provided review buttons.
For owners, this type of initiative is a real challenge, especially as the online video market is fragmenting with the emergence of more and more challengers: American heavyweights such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney +, Hulu, YouTube Premium or HBO and Apple, we must also consider local initiatives such as MyCanal and OCS in France.
Fragmentation is likely to put Internet users back into piracy because they cannot afford to pay for each service each month.

Easily cracked

BayStream is not technically based on the BitTorrent network. Therefore, the IP address of the viewer usually does not appear in the Internet user cloud sharing the video, which is the case during the peer-to-peer exchange process (P2P). Since then, Internet users have gone beyond Hadopi’s reach and progressive response because they focus only on P2P and not on streaming or direct downloads.
The fact is that reading options on Pirate Bay may appeal to Internet users who are unfamiliar with peer-to-peer (P2P) switching software, as here you can just click a play button to launch the video-if of course enough Communication can provide it. However, it should be kept in mind that the vast majority of this content is provided illegally.
This is not the first time the Pirate Bay has been seen as a streaming site. In 2016, it connected with the Torrents Time software, once again allowing videos to be viewed directly in its browser. In this case, you must install the program on your computer beforehand. Using the BayStream method is even easier because there is nothing else to download except the video itself.