The Italian police reported that 223 Pirate IPTVs were reported to lawmakers

Guardia di Finanza, the Italian police force working on money laundering, reported 223 customers of pirate IPTV services to lawmakers. This is the first major initiative against IPTV providers worldwide. According to officials, users are suffering from hefty complaints or more severe penalties.

IPTV services

Last summer the IPTV pirate market slowed down when Italian officials took over “Xtream-Codes”.
The IPTV service is designed to integrate with 5,000 pirate services reaching over 50 million users.
Operations have caused problems for many IPTV services, with IPTV shutting down half, but in recent weeks many service providers have improved. It does not mean, however, that the lawmaker has resigned.
This week the Guardia di Finanza (GdF), the criminal justice organization of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, announced a new initiative on IPTV. Currently, it is known to customers of these IPTV pirate services.
After an in-depth research, Guardia di Finanza surveyed 223 non-IP service providers. These have also been reported to judges, who are currently facing new lawsuits.
According to a judge, the investigation is ongoing. This means more IPTV customers will be featured and featured in the future.
The subscribers in question are guilty of “importing products.” If convicted, they serve a maximum sentence of 25,000 euros and a maximum eight-year prison term.
The research was carried out with assistance from the Italian anti-piracy group FAPAV, which provided technical assistance. FAPAV sees IPTV broadcasting as a big threat and a threat to the entertainment industry.
Federico Bagnoli Rossi, Secretary-General of FAPAV, thanked Guardia di Finanza for his work which he believes should be addressed to the victims of the crisis.
“The process is crucial because, for the first time in Italy, it will not only affect the operators of pirate portals but lose users of these services,” Rossi said.
The FAPAV expects these ongoing operations to continue. He believes that IPTV pirate IPTV is a growing problem, so it’s important to keep up with everything.
“In just one year we have seen an increase of millions of users in pirate IPTV,” Rossi said, adding that copyright holders are shocked at these services.
If it is not clear how many IPTV subscribers are shown. But the deal shows that the buyer has not yet arrived, which will be a shock to others.

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