169 thoughts on “Free Facebook account and password list October 2023

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  2. I Need 1000+ Facebook accounts plzz send me facebook account with pass I can’t change anything in facebook account I just login a app only plz sir send me 1000+ facebook account PlZz 🙏 yours faithfully Mr Rishu

  3. Hello Sir Can You Give Me 1 Strong And Old Facebook Account My Facebook Accounts Was Disabled Problem New Account Can’t Create Disabled And Self Problem Please Sir Help Me And Give Me 1 Strong And Old Verify Facebook Account Thank You Sir
    My Gmail Adress

  4. Hi Sir please give me an facebook acc that connected to mobile legends beacause my current account has been banned😭😭😭 and I didn’t do anything to my account please give me sir an acc

  5. I have 40+ accounts 1 is old account 5 is high ffs and reactor but sad to say all my 40+ acc got disabled i try to create another but i’m banned for creation acc so i hope you can help me i’am acc giver to but i cant create fb acc now i need help plss i need 50+ accounts but if u cant create 50+ acc even 10 accs pls i hope you choose this

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