Uploaded.net sentenced for not having dealt with piracy enough

Uploaded.net has been condemned in Germany for not doing enough to deal with piracy. The platform has been criticized for not being active enough about pirated content.

The host should not only immediately delete the file notified to the copyright owner: they must also take a proactive approach to prevent the reported (withdrawn) pirated content from being put back on the server. This is the meaning of the German court’s decision in a case involving Uploaded.net.
The ruling report reported by Torrentfreak indicates that, after receiving the notice, the court has not found sufficient host country policies in place to remove pirated content identified by the entertainment industry. They argue that services dedicated to remote storage must also verify that there is no online delivery.


As a reminder, within the European Union, the 2000 Electronic Commerce Directive established a liability regime for Internet service providers and hosts.
The current principle is that acting as an intermediary for “simple transmission” (Article 12) or passive hosting that does not interfere with the selection or creation of hosted content (Article 14) benefits from the exemption system for customers using their services.
They can be held accountable only if they do not take “immediate” action to withdraw or prevent others from accessing the illegal content that has been notified to them, but this does not stop the court or administration. Requires precautionary measures to prevent violations of rights. Just like the German court’s decision.

A very popular website

Uploaded.net, based in the Netherlands, is a highly appreciated platform for Internet users who do not use files without considering their copyright.
That’s enough by looking at the number of dereferencing requests Google has received for the site: more than 7 million. Therefore, it is not surprising that Uploaded.net appeared on the blacklist of the most serious piracy sites, and RIAA and MPAA, two organizations responsible for defending the interests of American optical discs and movie theaters, hope to disappear.
The operation of Uploaded.net is very simple. When a user uploads a file to the server of the service, he has a link that can be shared on the network. This way, those who clicked on the file could download the problematic file to their PC. It is this ease of use that has made websites such as RapidShare, MediaFire, 1Fichier, and even MegaUpload successful.
The verdict was issued on August 10 and is not final. The host retains the hope of appeal, hoping to reverse the verdict determined at the first trial and avoid having to set various filters to control the files sent to its server.

Uploaded.net and YouTube: Who is responsible for illegal uploads?

Within the European Union, this principle applies to hosting providers who are in principle not responsible for third-party information stored by users (Article 10 of the Telecommunications Media Act). Hosting providers include YouTube and sharing service Uploadet.net. Copyright infringement has occurred on both platforms. Today, the European Court of Justice is discussing how much responsibility these platforms should have despite privileges.

Peterson and YouTube

According to Tagesschau, in one of two cases, there was a legal dispute between music producer Frank Peterson and YouTube. Peterson has sued streaming services for injunctions and damages. Users have uploaded a private concert recording of artist Sarah Brithman to the platform. The problem here is that Peterson is totally against publishing his work on YouTube: “In the best case, I can only say anything I don’t want to see on your page, and then they remove it and reference him The words.
After the dispute was submitted to the Federal Court, the Federal Court forwarded the file to the European Court of Justice for a preliminary decision. The central question will be whether YouTube plays a central role in providing the work. This feature was developed by the European Court of Justice in 2017 as part of the Pirate Bay Exchange case law and in response to the responsibility of escrow service providers. In addition, BGH would like to know if the platform is obliged to pay compensation if it knows that copyright infringement has occurred on its platform.

Expert Publisher for Uploaded.net

In another case, an international professional publisher has sued Uploaded net. Uploading is a service designed to make sharing media easier. You can upload vacation photos and files and make them available to many people via download links. Unlike YouTube, the basic version of Uploaded is free; for fast and unlimited downloads, users can purchase a premium account. The service can make money. It is now well known that the platform is used to illegally share movies, books and music. The upload itself does not provide a search function or directory to search for works in the database; however, the link set is compiled on another page, and then the work can be downloaded from that page. Therefore, publishers want to upload as infringers, or as participants in copyright infringement. At least the uploader must be held responsible for the interference.
According to its internal press release, the federal court also called the European Court of Justice in this case and had similar questions about copyright law.

Top 5 Best Direct Web Hosting Companies – Updates February 2024


In the previous article, I introduced the five best direct download sites and described how hackers continue to illegally download movies, music, games, and video games.

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Top 5 Best Direct Web Hosting 2022

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This article refers to a platform that provides legal content downloads as well as copyrighted content. Please note that illegal downloading of copyrighted content is prohibited by law. Therefore, we are not responsible for the technology you can use here. You must always ensure that the downloaded work does not have rights, otherwise you must seek legal advice that is available.

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